I share my knowhow, experience and insights with clients from all parts of the globe who support people in Africa between 20 and 35 to achieve success in building fulfilling personal and professional lives. Through acknowledging and applying universal professional ethics and standards, I work with my clients to establish new projects and programmes, or collaborate with them to take their exiting ventures and initiatives to the next level.


Everything I involve myself in has an aspect of development for people and communities. My particular interest and active work at the moment revolves around creating sustainable financial models and governance frameworks for non-profit organisations, community-based initiatives and other informal structures.

I work with ordinary people, individual philanthropists, family-based trusts and other groups from different parts of the world with a desire to contribute by championing or adopting meaningful causes in Africa. I assist them to identify suitable projects and initiatives to support efficiently with their available resources, playing a proactive role in continuously monitoring and evaluating the interventions for a meaningful understanding of the impact of their social investment.

Considering the rapid evolution of the business environment today, I lend my multidimensional experience and unique perspective to boards as an Independent Non-executive Director or Strategic Advisor. I also coach and mentor entrepreneurs and small businesses who are serious about creating sustainable enterprises that out-live them.
Holistic Health and Wellness
With over a decade’s practice and contribution to many new and existing programmes, I share personal development frameworks and tools to assist you to achieve your inner most desires for your life. My niche integrates a holistic health and well-being approach with practices that emphasise the constant connection of your mind, emotions, body and spirit. I work closely with you as an Accountability Partner to integrate universal practices that build a rewarding life. We work together to define your next level of personal mastery and identify the steps that are needed to take you to that tier of performance and living.


I am dedicated to contributing to spaces that respond to underserved people’s voices. If you’re between the ages of 20 and 35, or lead programmes and initiatives that are directed at this community, I support you to articulate your message in a manner and medium that speaks to the heart of your audience.


You are responsible for your reality. Decide what you want of the world and go make it happen. No clarity, no change, no goals, no growth.

I’m all about going ‘far’ and not ‘fast’, as expressed in the African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Reach out!