A candle-lit conversation with strangers who became mirrors, a sounding board and check-in points, reflecting what and how so many woman feel.

Diverse generations, a wide variety of backgrounds and walks of life; and different professions all in one room. With the same urge to continue to search for the true expression of their wholesome self, relating to how they define their femininity.

Re-creating yourself

A beautiful evening spent connecting – openly offering my own story and random experiences, at the same time receiving great pearls of wisdom to integrate into the ever evolving tapestry of my life. Its amazing how one can find novel ways to introduce themselves in front of fresh faces, with no expectation or judgment – a blank page. And every time you choose to tell your story the way you do, you recognise the power of being present in that very moment.

I am by no stretch of the imagination perfect, nor are most of my experiences of this life. However, through them I was able to connect and relate to womenfolk who were, in their own circumstances, searching for guidance, answers or direction in their own unique ways. I was glad to be of service in contribution to others in my seemingly small way.

A novel experience

A striking evening for me all in all that, more than anything else, gave me an opportunity to reflect on how far I’ve come; recognising where I honestly am today, with no attachment or judgment. Realising some of what is still in store for me to experience in this journey towards continuous self improvement and connection with others.

I am incredibly grateful for the safe space held and the intimate sharing that took place; to be a part of the beginning of something distinctly established in love, nurturing and organic expression. Truly guiding us closer to that path leading to rediscovering our sensuality and the essence of our Highest Self.  Thank you Tamar for the opportunity. And for bringing everyone to the experience that truly was a phenomenal event! I cannot wait to see what’s still to come.