In the spirit of continuous self-discovery and self-improvement, I thought it would be powerful to end off the rest of 2016 with a BANG!

I’m finding the opportunity to work on some of the goals I set myself to achieve for this calendar year that have been left lingering. And most importantly, to make the time to reflect on some of the failures and incumbent lessons learnt. Then, begin to set the course to plan for the approaching year. Contemplation always gives me an opportunity to find silence and connect the dots in dis-covering the secrets of my life’s journey.

In this day and time, finding stillness can often feel so foreign in our fast-paced reality. It sounds like some mysterious place where you need to travel to way out there somewhere. The reality is, no matter how far and wide you may travel in this world, if you do not learn the art of being and feeling whole and complete, you will forever have a longing inside and emptiness that cannot be filled.

Over the coming weeks, guided by my teachers and coaches in my personalised development programme, I’ll be focusing on inspecting, dissecting, dis-covering, acknowledging and healing different aspects of my being. I will be learning more about my energy centres and creating the opportunity to actively re-member and re-veal my true, authentic Self.

I’ll be focusing on using the framework of the chakra system in coming into deep understanding of how their imbalance and balance manifests in my life and everyday reality. Everything means something. Literally. I just need to be more aware and in tune to recognise and realise it.

Consistency is crucial in building momentum and steadily ensuring that I’m are not stagnating but moving forward. No matter how marginally, each hour and each day. I’m creating rituals that will support me to stay focused on my mark, so that I intentionally channel my energies in the right direction. Using colour, aroma and movement, I’m tapping into tools that will together direct my shift towards my innermost power and purpose.

Managing my thoughts and the words that come out of my mouth is fundamental at this time. So is what I consume with my eyes, ears and mouth. All aspects of our lives are a direct reflection of what is going on inside us. These are defined and influenced by our beliefs, values, life experiences and habits. If you take a closer look at where you are going through challenges in your life, more often than not, these can be directly related to attributes relating to these foundational elements.

I continue to enjoy the process of self re-discovery on my journey towards self-improvement. Not perfection. I continue to remind myself to have fun as it’s necessary in the process of creating. Aluta!