Influenced by my practice and studies over the past 13 years in Hatha, Kemetic, Vinyasa and Bikram yoga styles, I am an avid practitioner where I have used this practice as a tool towards finding and maintaining well-being in my own life and the lives of those I teach and coach.

My primary efforts at the moment revolve around the yoga eco-system and diverse communities that make up the industry. My work involves supporting the professionalization of the yoga industry, as a part of the larger health sector, in order to preserve the integrity of teaching the practice. I currently focus on producing and contributing to programmes and projects that offer yoga in underrepresented spaces, with people who wouldn’t ordinarily have access.

In 2018, I worked with industry body Yoga Alliance as an Advisor on the community-led Standards Review Project to ensure that credentials awarded to members support and uphold yoga principles in the rapidly changing world and evolving practice. I contributed to two working groups, Integrity and Inclusion, as the sole representative of the yoga community in Africa.

This year I have been invited to serve on a Task Force established as a result of the study, where we are developing and informing content for a new online course on Equity in yoga that members will have access to for their Continuous Professional Development. With this course we aim to introduce Yoga Alliance members to the issue of inequity in yoga so that we, as a community, can begin to address the root causes that have resulted in many people feeling excluded and under-represented in the practice.

Collaborating with various members of the well-being and yoga communities in Africa and abroad, I am working on the following initiatives

Don Miguel Rouze

The first step to personal freedom is awareness. We need to be aware that we not free in order to be free. We need to be aware of what the problem is in order to solve the problem. Awareness is always the first step, because if you are not aware, then there is nothing you can change.

I’m all about going ‘far’ and not ‘fast’, as expressed in the African Proverb “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Reach out!