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We are currently working to raise $500,000 US Dollars to establish a fund to train youth from under-served communities in Africa to become yoga teachers with formidable enterprising skills. I am eager to provide the opportunity to learn tools for well-being and entrepreneurship – providing sustainable earning avenues – to young people across the continent who are keen to create viable careers and livelihoods in the wellness industry. And enable them to pay-it-forward by teaching their skills to their families and community members.









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I was one of the Global Ambassadors however I’ve taken a more drastic approach to their programme as they know it. I have committed to X10 raising the ordinary expected funding amount of $10,000. I am serious about bringing the transformative social business model to South Africa and am working closely with the global team to create a sustainable business venture that other countries on the continent may benefit from.

I committed to raising $100,000  to ensure that we are able to train 100 young people to become yoga teachers in South Africa over 3 years to take the practice and work into their communities, and also allow them to earn a dignified living from it.

Wellness is the overarching umbrella that I work towards achieving and sharing through my work. I’ve partnered with the South African Ambassador of this global campaign as one of their country Associates bringing light to the cause, with a particular focus on how yoga may be used as a tool to achieve wellness.

I am working with key players in the yoga community in South Africa to produce events on the same day in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town in elevating the impact of the 2020 day of celebration. As a principle, we would like to keep the events free to attend, based on the ethos of the day which is to continue to grow the reach and impact of yoga. Should you be interested to support us in creating a memorable yoga experience with sponsorship or any other in kind contributions, please get in touch!


Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – it means you must serve your fellow man. You see? You must respect and serve your fellow man faithfully. That’s what because without their support you can never progress. That’s what it means